The Next Evolution in Skin and Hair Care

SKINGENUITY incorporates Nobel Prize-winning advanced Inter-Cell Messenger Technology(ICM), harnessing the power of bio-engineered Growth Factors and DNA repair enzymes, to regenerate and repair skin and hair in the SKINGENUITY product range.


SKINGENUITY is the next Evolution in Skin and Hair Care.

SKINGENUITY uses advanced combinations of bio-engineered Growth Factors to help regenerate, repair and improve skin and hair.

SKINGENUITY products are developed with Inter-Cell Messenger (ICM) technology to target specific conditions for skin and hair.

Scientific and clinical research has shown that SKINGENUITY products can repair, regenerate, improve and maintain healthy skin and hair.

The perfect combination for an effective solution to skin conditions

SKINGENUITY® uses the best of current scientific knowledge to help improve your skin. From Stem Cells to Drug Delivery, to ensure that the correct, specific and focused Growth Factors are delivered to aid in the management of the condition.

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