The Next Evolution in Skin and Hair Health

Understanding Growth Factor and Inter-Cell Messaging Technology (ICM) highlights the importance and role it plays in regenerating and repairing many areas of the body, including skin, hair and even vaginal mucosa. Each of these areas can be impacted by the loss of stem cells during the aging process and by environmental factors.

But what are

Inter-Cell Messengers are the cornerstone of the SKINGENUITY technology. The Inter-Cell messengers are the “builders” of the body. Cells in the body die on a regular basis and Inter- Cell Messengers provide signals to the cells to replace and generate new cells.

Professor Ali Ghanem who is a Professor of Plastic Surgery, M.Sc. course lead at Queen Marys Hospital London and has a PhD in Stem Cell Science, talks about the use of human recombinant Growth Factors and the next steps in aesthetic medicine.

It all starts with the Stem Cells. We are born with hundreds of thousands of stem cells, which deplete over time as we age. They are the “factories” of the body. One of the main functions of stem cells is to produce the Inter- Cell Messengers or Growth Factors which repair and regenerate cells that have died.

This is important for skin and hair, because as we age, we lose a significant amount of stem cells. In fact, we only have 1/400,000th of the stem cells at age 50 compared to when we are born. This means fewer of the body’s Inter-Cell Messengers are present to repair and regenerate skin and hair cells that have died.

This is partly why skin ages, and why hair sometimes doesn’t re-grow when it falls out, causing baldness or hair thinning. Loss of growth factors is why we don’t heal as well as we get older.

The science of SkinGenuity is based on Nobel Prize winning technology. The ability to manufacture and deliver Inter Cell Messengers to the skin is a major scientific breakthrough and is now available for in clinic treatments and home use