Hair Restoration

SkinGenuity Hair Restoration For Clinic and Home Treatment

The causes of hair loss are complex and need a comprehensive approach. Most current hair treatments may be expensive and have limited results. As with skin, harnessing the science of Growth Factors and Inter-Cell Messenger (ICM) helps increase hair growth and limits hair loss by:

  • Delivering a combination of focused and targeted Growth Factors to the scalp
  • Stimulating (or “waking up”) the hair follicles
  • Ensuring daily treatment with effective clinically proven ingredients
  • Increasing the number of hair cells
  • Addressing specific hair conditions such as thinning and loss
The SkinGenuity Hair Restoration home kit contains advanced needling using 11 focussed and targeted growth factors in combination with daily application of a botanical solution

The SkinGenuity Hair Restoration home kit can be used on its own or in combination with In-clinic treatments such as micro needling

The home needling is done every other day over the area that needs to see new hair, or where you wish to prevent hair falling out.

In addition, the use of the advanced botanical solution delivered through an advanced brush that has been clinically proven to significantly improve the thickness in balding hair

If the treatment is done in a clinic initially then the SkinGenuity Regenerative Solution can be used in combination with the SkinGenuity Hair Restoration Home Kit

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The SkinGenuity Hair Restoration system has been clinically proven to improve new hair by more than 45% over a three month period compared to no treatment which saw a decrease of hair of 33%*